All — for those of you following both my blogs, this and XY Culture, I’ve decided to end the A/B testing.  Going forward, we’ll keep the content coming on XY Culture.  This blog will become more quiet for the time being, and I only plan to occasionally post poetry or reflections that don’t quite fit […]


  Reluctant visitor on a lake Anxiety of a digital age nags – learn a new fact, do something, be productive, keep up! – but out here the way is to throw away, let go, and smile only at the shore that beckons with its sudden glimmer of lights. (J. Andrew McKee, July 2014) * […]

I searched for jewels of joy (J. Andrew, McKee; July, 2014) I combed my mental beach for years looking for rare shells. One day, while looking for the witch variety with dark and fiery whorls, I found another – of grooves in the pocket and designs of drumming when I was seven years old, basking in […]

Here is my commentary (see at 39 minutes) from last week that aired on The Takeaway, a radio show from WNYC and PRI that I’ve increasingly relied on for the day’s news.  I comment on some of the reasons why I think busy young parents in their thirties have difficulty starting and sustaining friendships.  The Takeaway put […]

One day after my post on belimumab, the FDA announced it would be taking 3 more months to announce its decision on whether to approve it.  A news report cites that the agency wants more time to review the clinical data.  How does this shift the outcome for Benlysta?  It is uncertain.  The regulators could […]

If you are one of the estimated 300,000 to 4 million patients in the US who suffer from lupus, you may feel excited about a drug called Benlysta (generically, belimumab).  There is a need for better drugs to treat symptoms, reduce the use of other medications that can have imperiling side effects, and reverse disease progression.  The […]