Please follow us at XY Culture – sunsetting the parallel posts

All — for those of you following both my blogs, this and XY Culture, I’ve decided to end the A/B testing.  Going forward, we’ll keep the content coming on XY Culture.  This blog will become more quiet for the time being, and I only plan to occasionally post poetry or reflections that don’t quite fit on XY Culture.  The reason is…I’m excited to welcome our first contributing writer to XY Culture — Steve Robillard!  Here is his first post — on what it’s like for a man to discover and then practice gratitude — and you can read more about him here.

Please sign up for XY Culture’s email list (monthly or biweekly at the most) here.

Thank you for your ongoing readership and we look forward to sharing a great pipeline of articles over at XY.

Best wishes,


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