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key points from the World Bank’s 2007 Carbon Markets report

So, I know I’ve left the blog sleeping over the past 3 weeks. Oops! Life was *definitely happening — one weekend I became a certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, another weekend, I was fortunate to catch up with my wife (who is still finishing school on the east coast!), and also spent a lot of time […]

figuring out how much water I directly use

==> This weekend, I was reading Nature’s latest issue, on the world’s water problems. I learned just now that Saturday was “World Water Day”, so that probably explains the timing of the issue. I also found it an interesting timing to encounter this, since I’ve recently talked with several friends about rising water challenges. Several […]

Forget paper vs. plastic :: re-useable bags reduce waste and increase awareness

Hopefully we’re all becoming aware of how wasteful it is to use plastic or paper shopping bags. It’s been challenging for me to change my habits. Despite having purchased a few “permanent” bags from Whole Foods, I still struggle with my absent-minded self to remember to bring them when I go shopping. The NY Times […]

GreenBiz’s “state of green business 2008” is out

Was just talking to a friend about “how to track companies’ performance in being green?”, ie, using renewable sources of energy, accounting for the costs they incur to others (such as dumping pollutants into water, which citizens pay for directly in their own health care), using energy more efficiently, generating less waste, etc…  Was reminded […]

our mindless meat consumption is damaging the earth and ourselves

that’s my conclusion after reading this weekend’s NYT overview of the global meat market, American’s excessive meat consumption (110 grams daily, 75 being animal-derived, when approx 30g is recommended daily intake).  Perhaps obvious to some of you, though it’s news to me as I slowly carve more time daily to get smart on what’s happening […]

Why I decided to hold off on a hybrid – and where you can footprint your own emissions

I was thinking of buying a hybrid recently – as I’m still driving an older Mercury Sable that gets 20-30 mpg (and has some fun design perks, plus some slowly developing creaks that are so loud that a friend I was talking to in the car one day was like, “man are you calling me […]