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The global water crisis: Frank Rijsberman, [cross-post]

Admin note:  This is my first attempt at a cross-post.  This time it’s with my Silicon Valley-based friend Saket Vora (his blog here).  Saket is a multi-talented electrical engineer (currently in Stanford’s Master’s program) and entrepreneur.  Some of his recent projects include the new Nano’s at Apple, UV water purification startup WaterPLUS, various startup projects […]

Forget paper vs. plastic :: re-useable bags reduce waste and increase awareness

Hopefully we’re all becoming aware of how wasteful it is to use plastic or paper shopping bags. It’s been challenging for me to change my habits. Despite having purchased a few “permanent” bags from Whole Foods, I still struggle with my absent-minded self to remember to bring them when I go shopping. The NY Times […]

Latest Economist :: how business is driving clean energy and climate change is driving business

The latest Economist is all about business and climate change, and particularly exciting given the possible business and public policy outcomes from this week’s G8 summit. Here’s the article from the issue that kicks off the series of ~15 articles. Before the intro article, I’ve included 1-liner argument summaries for the first few articles in […]

The most energy-efficient states, and what drives California’s success? (1 of 2)

So i was listening to Science Friday’s 5/11 podcast about the US electricity grid (and what sounds like a cool book The Grid by physicist, writer and playwright Philip F. Schewe), and at one point they were talking about why California was one of the most energy-efficient states? On top of that, a caller mentioned […]