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Bringing mental pitch exercises into everyday life

Our greatest recent joy has been welcoming our daughter to the world last week.  Having a few minutes free after a diaper change and helping her relax into sleep, I thought it would be a good opportunity to post about bringing mental music into everyday life. In my goal to master perfect pitch by the […]

learning perfect pitch: challenges and milestones so far

Quick post to pause the silence.  Been busy with a full-time-plus day job, daily music activities, and preparing for the birth of our first child.  Also played an enjoyable gig with some members of The Getback earlier this week — a mix of original hip hop / funk grooves and covers of Stevie Wonder (You […]

10 sketches posted & perfect pitch update

On the Projects tab you can listen to my latest sketches.  Some are improvised or require major work but I figured I’d share them as works-in-progress.  With composing, I’m working on expressing whatever needs to come out, and trying not to judge too much at first.  Later will come the editing, and after I upgrade […]

Top music goal for 2010: cultivate perfect pitch

Here’s a “new year’s” post 2 months in the making.  Things have been so busy focusing on the day job, music and family time that I haven’t crafted much in the “reflections” department.  I am feeling grateful that 2 of the lessons I learned in 2009 were: Simplify to open up space for creativity Listen […]

pics from last week’s Yoshi’s show!

Thanks to all the friends and fans who came out to our gig at Yoshi’s SF last Friday!  Approximately 250 people attended.  We had a lot of fun!  The below iPhone photos are a bit blurry and dark given the low lighting, but in case you don’t see me with a saxophone in one…that’s because […]

Getback Gig next Friday Jan. 15th at Yoshi’s SF 10:30pm

Come out and listen to our Bay Area homegrown, fully organic hip hop with The Getback next Friday Jan. 15 at 10:30pm at Yoshi’s San Francisco (details here).  The focus will be hyped, naturally danceable grooves with emcees Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal both in effect.  We will play the Lounge and the event also […]