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How I reduced water usage by 50% after eliminating waste

“Well, honey, I guess we can go out to the movies now that we don’t have to wash the dishes after dinner. That sure is a load off my mind.” “Yes, but Herb — are you going to actually wash the dirty dishes, for once? Or just leave the clean set, in the dishwasher, as […]

top 2 reasons I’ve gone sour on Naked Juice

I admit I got fooled by the creative marketing, into thinking these drinks were a) fully natural, b) organic. I’m surprised at the high calorie content, most of which is from simple carbs. When I’ve experimented with all-fruit shakes myself, I’ve found I can make a 500-calorie shake with a much better balance of nutrients […]

finding meaning

yeah so last post, lots of happiness [thoughts on] and frustration [at the war] – now back, after an intense due diligence, a week spent mostly hiking, yoga meditating, now on a project in Chicago. when it gets crazy, “ramping up” as we say with a new project, then blog becomes secondary. well more like […]

electricity realities in Iraq & infrastructure decline

Article in today’s Guardian about the latest electricity challenges in Iraq.  The challenges stem from a decline in the overall infrastructure from Saddam’s reign to post-war looting to ongoing destruction, and the difficulty that regional utilities are having in cooperating when they feel ripped off and so rarely plug their plants into the larger grid. […]

New Scientist :: countering climate change skeptics

So inel’s post here hipped me to the New Scientist’s feature that details climate change myths, and the evidence that exists to counter these myths. I’ve been meaning to write more on this, especially after exploring some bloggers’ posts who seem to think that anecdotal arguments (see this Urban Renaissance Institute’s article on how the […]