If you are one of the estimated 160,000 300,000 to 4 million patients in the US who suffer from lupus, you may feel excited about a drug called Benlysta (generically, belimumab).  There is a need for better drugs to treat symptoms, reduce the use of other medications that can have imperiling side effects, and reverse […]

I forgot to share these sooner.  These are the grant applications I submitted to the Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges most recently in early 2009.  I suppose it was wishful thinking that an unaffiliated, dreamy scientific thinker like myself would have a shot at winning these grants, but I tried.  As I heard Vinod Khosla say […]

Our greatest recent joy has been welcoming our daughter to the world last week.  Having a few minutes free after a diaper change and helping her relax into sleep, I thought it would be a good opportunity to post about bringing mental music into everyday life. In my goal to master perfect pitch by the […]

Quick post to pause the silence.  Been busy with a full-time-plus day job, daily music activities, and preparing for the birth of our first child.  Also played an enjoyable gig with some members of The Getback earlier this week — a mix of original hip hop / funk grooves and covers of Stevie Wonder (You […]

On the Projects tab you can listen to my latest sketches.  Some are improvised or require major work but I figured I’d share them as works-in-progress.  With composing, I’m working on expressing whatever needs to come out, and trying not to judge too much at first.  Later will come the editing, and after I upgrade […]

Here’s a “new year’s” post 2 months in the making.  Things have been so busy focusing on the day job, music and family time that I haven’t crafted much in the “reflections” department.  I am feeling grateful that 2 of the lessons I learned in 2009 were: Simplify to open up space for creativity Listen […]